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ACI2017 Conference Program

Fourth International Conference on Animal-Computer Interaction
21-23 November 2017, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


W1 - Technology for Bonding in Human-Animal Interaction
Heli Väätäjä (University of Tampere)
PäiviMajaranta (University of Tampere)
Heini Törnqvist (University of Helsinki)
Mari Ainasoja (University of Tampere)
VeikkoSurakka (University of Tampere)
Oskar Juhlin (Stockholm University)
Clara Mancini (The Open University)


Abstract: This workshop focuses on the use and influence of technology on human-animal bonding, and how to facilitate them with technology. We explore the elements and characteristics of human-animal bonding, and how technology is connected to emotions and bonding between the human and the animal. We are particularly interested in animal’s experiences, emotions, and welfare in bonding. The workshop facilitates discussion, creates a framework to support design activities, identifies future research themes, and creates ideas on facilitating the mutual bonding in human-animal interaction. The main focus is on dogs, but the workshop aims to pave way for further investigations and research with other domestic animals, such as cats, horses, and rabbits.

W2 - FarmJam2017: Designing Enrichment for Farm Animals 
Fiona French (London Metropolitan University)
Anna Zamansky (University of Haifa)
SofyaBaskin (University of Haifa)
Adrian David Cheok (Imagineering Institute)
Eleonora Nannoni (University of Bologna)
Billy Wallace (MakewayLtd.)


Abstract: This workshop will allow participants to work together to devise novel forms of technically enhanced enrichment for farm animals. It will take the format of a gamejam, whereby teams will be given clear briefs, they will brainstorm concepts and present their ideas to the group for feedback and analysis.




SESSION ONE - Conference Opening

Welcome by General Chair: Clara Mancini
Best Paper Award
Opening KeynoteAnne McBride, University of Southampton, UK
*Thinking Aloud: Animals as Technology, Technology ‘for’ Animals, Technology as Animals and Back Again

SESSION TWO - Papapers and extended anstracts

Presentation theme: Enriching Animals’ Experience


*Utilizing Dog-Computer Interaction to Provide Mental Stimulation in Aging Dogs 
Lisa Jessica Wallis (University of Vienna)
EnikőKubinyi (EötvösLorándUniversity)
Ludwig Huber (University of Vienna)
Jessica Serra (Royal CaninResearch Centre Aimargues)
FriederikeRange (University of Vienna)


*Exploring Research through Design in Animal-Computer Interactions 
Fiona French (London Metropolitan University)
Clara Mancini (The Open University)
Helen Sharp (The Open University)


*Sonic Experiments with Grey Parrots: A Report on Testing the Auditory Skills and Musical Preferences of Grey Parrots in Captivity 
ReinhardGupfinger (University of Art and Design Linz)
Martin Kaltenbrunner (University of Art and Design Linz)


*Enrichments for Pigs: Improving Animal-Environment Relations 
Eleonora Nannoni (University of Bologna)
Giovanna Martelli (University of Bologna)
Luca Sardi (University of Bologna)


*Digital Enrichment with Captive Siamang (Symphalangus): Video Showcase of Primate Decision Making 
Melanie Ford (University of Exeter)

SESSION THREE - Papapers and extended anstracts

Presentation theme: Methodologies and Methods in ACI

*Teaching Animal-Computer Interaction: an Experience Report 
Anna Zamansky (University of Haifa)
SofyaBaskin (University of Haifa)
Dirk van der Linden (Lancaster University)


*The Role of Ethological Observations for Measuring Animal Reactions to Biotemeletry Devices 
PatriziaPaci (The Open University)
Clara Mancini (The Open University)
Blaine Price (The Open University)


*Salient Features, Combined Detectors and Image Flipping: an Approach to Haar Cascades for Recognising Horses and Other Complex Deformable Objects 
Steve North (University of Exeter)


*“Hey, where’s my hay?” Design Fictions in Horse-Computer Interaction 
Steve North (University of Exeter)


SESSION FOUR - Videoposters and Demos




SESSION FIVE - Doctoral Consortium

Student Presentations:


*Automatic Video Analysis of Motion-Based Dog Behavior 
ShirAmir (University of Haifa)
Juror: Fiona French (London Metropolitan University)


*Dog-Smart Homes: Portable controls optimised for mobility assistance dogs 
Luisa Ruge (The Open University)
Juror: HeliVäätäjä (University of Tampere)

Consortium roundtable and advisory panel


SESSION SIX - Papapers and extended anstracts

Presentation theme: Monitoring and Measuring to Improve Welfare


*Beyond Production Indicators: A Novel Smart Farming Application and System for Animal Welfare 
Francisco Carpio (TechnischeUniversitätBraunschweig)
Ana Martín (TechnischeUniversitätBraunschweig)
AdmelaJukan (TechnischeUniversitätBraunschweig)
Nina Amla (National Science Foundation USA)
Nicole Kemper (StiftungTierärztlicheHochschuleHannover)


*Gait Anomaly Detection in Dairy Cattle 
Juan Haladjan (Technical University of Munich)
ZardoshtHodaie (Technical University of Munich)
Stefan Nüske (Ludwig Maximilian University)
Bernd Brügge (Technical University of Munich)


*K9-Blyzer: Towards Video-Based Automatic Analysis of Canine Behavior 
ShirAmir (University of Haifa)
Anna Zamansky (University of Haifa)
Dirk van der Linden (Lancaster University)


*iPig: Towards Tracking the Behavior of Free-roaming Pigs 
Juan Haladjan (Technical University of Munich)
AycaErmis (Georgia Tech Institute)
Bernd Brügge (Technical University of Munich)
ZardoshtHodale (Technical University of Munich)


SESSION SEVEN - Papapers and extended anstracts

Presentation theme: Improving Human-Animal Interactions


*AquaPrism: Dynamically Changing the Color of Aquatic Animals without Injury by Augmenting Aquarium 
Shogo Yamashita (The University of Tokyo)
Shunichi Suwa (The University of Tokyo)
Takashi Miyaki (The University of Tokyo)
Jun Rekimoto (The University of Tokyo)


*Designing Interspecies Playful Interactions: Studying Children Perceptions of Games with Animals 
Patricia Pons (UniversitatPolitècnicade València)
Javier Jaen (UniversitatPolitècnicade València)


*Creating an Evaluation System for Future Guide Dogs: A Case Study of Designing for both Human and Canine Needs 
Sean Mealin (North Carolina State University)
Marc Foster (North Carolina State University)
Katherine Walker (North Carolina State University)
Sherrie Yushak (North Carolina State University)
Barbara Sherman (North Carolina State University)
AlperBozkurt (North Carolina State University)
David L. Roberts (North Carolina State University)


*Animal-Computer Technology Meets Social Behavior: What to Look for? What to Look forward to? 
Jean-Loup Rault (University of Vienna)
Ludwig Huber (University of Vienna)

SESSION EIGHT - Conference closing

Best Presentation Award
Closing Keynote - Ádám Miklósi, Eötvös University Budapest, Hungary
*Ethological approach to animal-machine interaction

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