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Tenth International Conference on Animal-Computer Interaction 4-8 December 2023, North Carolina, USA. 

This edition of the conference was hosted by North Carolina University, in co-operation with with the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and SIGCHI (Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction). The conference proceedings are published in the ACM Digital Library.

General Chair:

David L. Roberts (North Carolina State University, USA)

Program Co-Chairs:
Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas (University of Glasgow, UK)

Ceara Byrne (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

Workshops Co-Chairs:
Sarah Webber (Melbourne University, Australia)
Fiona French (London Metropolitan University, UK)

Doctoral Consortium Chair:
Anna Zamansky (University of Haifa, Israel)

Proceedings Chair:
Yoram Chisik (Goldsmiths, University of London, UK)

Program Committee

  • Alper Bozkurt (North Carolina State University)

  • Ann Morrison (Auckland University)

  • Anna Zamansky (University of Haifa)

  • Belinda Hall (University of Melbourne)

  • Ceara Byrne (Georgia Institute of Technology)

  • Clara Mancini (The Open University)

  • Daniel Metcalfe (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)

  • David Roberts (North Carolina State University)

  • Eleonora Nannoni (University of Bologna)

  • Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas (University of Glasgow)

  • Luisa Ruge (The Open University)

  • Mandy Roshier (University of Nottingham)

  • Melody Jackson (Georgia Institute of Technology)

  • Mia Cobb (The University of Melbourne)

  • Orit Hirsch-Matsioulas (Tel Aviv University and Haifa University)

  • Patricia Pons (Instituto Tecnológico de Informática)

  • Patrick Shih (Indiana University Bloomington)

  • Sarah Webber (The University of Melbourne)

  • Sarah-Elizabeth Byosiere (CUNY Hunter College)

  • Yifan Wu (North Carolina State University)

  • Yoram Chisik (University of Madeira)​

Conference Program
The conference program comprised of two keynotes and invited presentations from international speakers, paper a doctoral consortium and affiliated workshops.




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