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ACI2023 Call for Emerging Work Papers

We invite paper contributions in the Emerging Work track that reflect early-stage efforts that either: 1) will be of interest to the Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) community from multidisciplinary areas, including (but not limited to) ethics, computer science, veterinary science, design, and ecology and likely to generate insightful and/or instructional discussion, and/or 2) is early enough that it could benefit greatly from community feedback on direction, design, methods, etc


Examples of Emerging Work papers include---but are not limited to---position papers, proposals for technology design, proposals for study design, open problem descriptions, analysis frameworks, etc. Potential authors are encouraged to contact the Program Chairs if there is any question about the suitability of their work for submission to the Emerging Papers track. Note: an encouragement to submit from the Chairs does not indicate the likelihood of acceptance.  


While Emerging Work papers are expected to be less mature than Research Paper contributions, all paper submissions to this (and any other) track are expected to incorporate principles of ethical treatment of animals and have appropriate/requisite institutional review. 


Authors are encouraged to submit a paper of length proportional to its contribution. While the maximum word count is 8,000 words (plus references), most Emerging Work papers are expected to be shorter due to the earlier research stage. Reviewers will be instructed to weigh the submission's contribution relative to its size. Papers should be concise but thorough in presenting the work. Shorter, more focused papers are encouraged and will be reviewed like any other paper. Papers whose lengths are incommensurate with their contributions will be rejected. Papers may be perceived as too long if they are repetitive or lengthy or too short if they omit important details or neglect relevant prior art. 


Submissions must be anonymous, meaning authors and their institutions must be removed from the submitted file. Reference to the authors’ previous work may be made in the third person. 


Papers must be submitted using the new ACM Template. Authors may also submit a supplementary MP4 video of up to 3 minutes and 50MB. 


All submissions will undergo a double-blind peer review and will be selected based on the quality of their contribution, perceived interest to the community, and potential to benefit from community discussion. At least two domain experts will review each submission. 


Accepted papers will be published in the ACI2024 Conference Proceedings, provided that at least one of the authors registers for and attends the conference to present the paper. 

Important Dates 

  • 2 August 2024 - Submission deadline

  • 13 September 2024  – Decision confirmation

All times are in Anywhere on Earth (AoE) time zone

Submission Instructions 


All papers should be submitted via our easychair submission system. To submit, log into TBA, then click New Submission on the top left. Please select "ACI24 Emerging Work" when creating your submission.


Enquiries should be addressed to the Program Chairs: Clara Mancini ( and Ceara Byrne (

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