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Visiting the Area

ACI2024 takes place in Glasgow, Scotland. There are many amazing visitor attractions, tours and trails, outdoor activities and more as you plan your visit to the city. People Makes Glasgow's website details attractions, shopping, tours and trails, city centre mural trails, arts and entertainment, family activities, discovering Scotland, wellness and outdoor activities.

Nearby the conference venue is The Huntarian Museum, Huntarian Art Gallery and the Kelvinggrove Art Museum and Gallery. These museums and galleries are free and within a 5-10 mins walk from the conference venue. 

There is also a 40-minute train from Charing Cross to Balloch Train Station to see the highlands, which will take you to the bottom of Loch Lomond. You can take a boat cruise around the loch (but as it is December, please dress warm!). 

Some popular food places around the conference venue are Kimchi Cult (Korean takeaway), Kapow (small Asian dishes, good for vegans), Non-Viet (Thai food, good Pho), Pizzanos (Pizza), te Seba (limited vegan options, but good Pasta), Little Italy (Italian), Banta Wala Masala Twist (Indian, large venue good for larger crowds, excellent Indian street food). Eighty-eight is also good for up-market small experimental dishes and has a Monday sharing deal at a reduced price. There are many places to eat that do not need bookings on Byres Road right next to the conference venue. 

If you want to travel further without any transport, there is also GetYourGuide app which often has day-trips to various places. 

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