ACI2020 small logoSeventh International Conference on Animal-Computer Interaction
10-12 November 2020, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom - ONLINE

This edition of the conference was hosted by The Open University, in co-operation with the In co-operation with ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and SIGCHI (Special interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction). The conference proceedings are published in the ACM Digital Library.

Organizing committee
General Chair:
- Clara Mancini (The Open University, United Kingdom)
Program Chairs:
- Patrick Shih (Indiana University, United States of America)
Videoposters and Demos Chair:
- Anna Zamansky (University of Haifa, Israel)
Doctoral Consortium Chair:
- Ann Morrison (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)
Workshops Chair:
- Eleonora Nannoni (University of Bologna, Italy)
Publicity Chairs:
- Dirk van der Linden (University of Bristol, UK)
Proceedings Chair:
- Yoram Chisik (Independent Scholar, Haifa, Israel)

Program Committee
Sofya Baskin (University of Haifa, Israel), Yoram Chisik (Independent Scholar, Haifa, Israel), Ashley Colley (University of Lapland, Finland), Juan Haladjian (Technical University of Munich, Germany), Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas (Aalto University, Finland), Javier Jaen (Polytechnic University Valencia, Spain), Martin Kaltenbrunner (University of Linz, Austria), Melody Moore Jackson (Georgia Institute of Technology, United States of A.), Oskar Juhlin (University of Stockholm, Sweden), Shaun Lawson (University of Northumbria, United Kingdom), Dirk van der Linden (University of Bristol, United Kingdom), Clara Mancini (The Open University, United Kingdom), Christopher Martin (Indianapolis Zoo, United States of America), Ann Morrison (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand), Eleonora Nannoni (University of Bologna, Italy), Elena Nepritseva (Moscow Zoo, Russia), Steve North (University of Exeter, United Kingdom), Patrizia Paci (The Open University, United Kingdom), Patricia Pons (Instituto Tecnológico de Informática Valencia, Spain), David Roberts (North Carolina State University, United States of America), Amanda Roshier (University of Nottingham, United Kingdom), Patrick Shih (Indiana University, United States of America), Katrina Tiira (University of Helsinki and SmartDOG Ltd, Finland), Heli Väätäjä (Tampere University of Technology, Finland), Sarah Webber (University of Melburn, Australia), Anna Zamansky (University of Haifa, Israel), Clint Zeagler (Georgia Institute of Technology, United States of America)

Conference Theme
This year's conference theme was Embodied Dialogues. On the one hand, the theme implicitly referred to the challenges and opportunities that arise when designing and developing interactive technology for and with users and participants who do not communicate through what we term 'natural language', which makes supporting embodied exchanges all the more important. On the other hand, the theme alluded to the possibilities opened by technologies such as the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, thanks to which computing applications are increasingly embedded into the infrastructures and objects of the physical environment in which multispecies agents operate and interact. Although specifically focussed, the theme was very broad in the connections that could be made from multiple angles, in order to encourage engagement with and contributions to the conference from a wide range of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.

The conference program comprised keynote and invited presentations from international speakers, paper and videoposter presentations, a doctoral consortium and an affiliated workshop.

Irene Pepperberg - Interspecies Communication, Parrot Cognition, and ACI: A Brief History, the Present, and a Possible Future

Special Gurst Session: In Dialogue with Farm Animals
Christian Nawroth - Farm Animal Cognition: Human-Directed Behaviour in Goats
Ellen van Weeghel - Animal Capacities in Design (ACiD), an approach to incorporate animal capacities in the design process and to promote animal agency in the final design
Mark Hansen - Computer vision and deep learning for on-farm welfare assessments of dairy cows and pigs

Designing Technologies for Playful Interspecies Communication