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ACI2019 Keynotes

Sixth International Conference on Animal-Computer Interaction

12-14 November, Haifa, Israel

OPENING KEYNOTE - Dr. Asaf Dagan. 
The CMO and co-founder of PetPace, an Israeli start-up that developed a first-of-its-kind smart pet collar for remote health monitoring. Dr. Dagan is a veterinarian, specializing in Canine and Feline medicine. He graduated with honors from Tufts University and practiced small animal veterinary medicine in large hospitals in the US and Israel. He also holds an LL.B degree (magna cum laude) from Tel-Aviv University Law School. Dr. Dagan lives in a Kibbutz (a type of collective community unique to Israel) with his wife and four boys, one old Golden Retriever, and three free-spirited cats. 


CLOSING KEYNOTE - Dr. Claude Beata. 
Veterinarian specialist in behavior medicine. (DVM, Dipl ECVBM-CA.); specialist in the behavior of companion animals. Head of the consulting company (CETACE llc.) for pharmaceutical firms involved in the behavior field as promoter and monitor of scientific trials. Between  February 2016 and September 2018 has served as Associate Research Director at Jagger & Lewis developing pet wearables.  Teaches in private and public continuing educational programs in pets behavior and participates at numerous national and international conferences. Vice-President of biggest national continuing education association (AFVAC), Past President of GECAF(AFVAC), and ZOOPSY. his main task about education is to be the Coordinator of the University Diploma in Veterinary Psychiatry organized by University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (Faculty of Medicine), VetAGro-Sup Veterinarian Campus (Vet School of Lyon), and Zoopsy (behaviorist veterinarian association).

Asaf Dagan
Claude Beata
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